Tuesday, February 6, 2024

What I (Re)Read #5: A Discovery of Witches


Re-reading a favorite book is like spending some time with a comfortable and cozy old friend. And even though I've got TONS of books on my to-read list, I was in the mood for one of my all-time favorite book series ever -- Deborah Harkness' All Souls novels. 

I love a supernatural story, and this one has all the right elements with careful nods to history and a great "universe" of customs and rules for the supernatural creatures that inhabit the series. the characters are intelligent, fully-fleshed-out adults, and the vamps DO NOT SPARKLE. 

I re-read the first in the series, and I'll probably go back to the other three before the fifth book, The Blackbird Oracle, comes out later this year. 

The Brits adapted the first three books as a TV series that I also really liked. (available on Prime) - definitely worth checking out. 


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